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Looking for a Casino in Thailand?
Gambling in Thailand is a largely illegal but big business. There are no authorized casinos in Thailand, but you will find droves of illegal gambling dens and underground casinos in every major city. Although you will find many Thai people participating in some form of gambling activity, it is a closely monitored vice which the Thai police resolves to crack down. There is always a possibility of being caught red-handed, hence why it is a big risk to gamble in Thailand. Playing in an illegal casino also poses more personal risks, because there is no insurance or protection should you get swindled by the gambling ring.

Usually, Thai players venture across the country’s border to neighbouring countries like Cambodia to get a dose of gambling. This is highly unfavoured by the Thai government because it funnels profits to Cambodia’s economy instead of their own. In an effort to turn the situation around, the government has hinted to the possibility of legalizing some forms of gambling for tourists and may even build a casino in the resorts of Thailand.

Online Casinos in Thailand
You will not be able to find an online casino in Thailand, just as there are none on land. The country’s strict gambling policies would not even entertain the prospect of any type of casino despite the growing underbelly of illegal gambling that is in existence now.

Casinos, be it online or offline, are illegal in Thailand but there is not much the authorities can do to stop the use of online casinos by the locals because many players can opt for the services of foreign gambling sites where the government has no jurisdiction. Many of these overseas-hosted sites accept Thai players and can even conduct transactions in Thai currency for all their online casino games.

Online Casino Games, Thailand
Below is a list of Online Casino sites that offer gameplay in English and accept bets in the Thai Baht and US Dollars:

First Deposit Bonus Commission Rebate
1S Casino (TH) 100 THB 30% 0.8%
Lai8Cai (TH) 100 THB 30% 0.8%

The online casino games available include Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Mahjong, Slot Games and Arcade Games.

We also offer Thailand online Football Betting in many international football games, like English Premier League games.

Payments are accepted from the following Thai banks:

* Bangkok Bank

* Krung Thai Bank
* Kasikornbank

We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Moneybookers.

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